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How Your Wedding Makeup Process Will Go 

| Makeup Artists in Eden Prairie MN

Makeup Artists in Eden Prairie MN

On the day of your wedding, there is zero time for surprises. You should be able to go into your wedding day knowing the exact itinerary leading up to walking down the aisle. This will help you remain on task and calm. When you hire makeup artists in Eden Prairie MN, you will know exactly what is going to happen with your makeup and bridal preparation. Here is how your wedding makeup process will go: 


Consultation and Makeup Trial Run


Either on-site or in-home, you will meet with Lynne Kuhn, owner of Luminous Looks. She will do a consultation with you to talk about what you’re looking for, what colors you’re having in your wedding, what your dress looks like, and more. Additionally, you’ll get to do a trial run with her so you can see what your makeup is going to look like on the big day. This will help you eliminate the chance that things won’t look perfect because you’ll be able to tell her directly what you do and don’t like after the trial run. If you would like to hire local makeup artists in Eden Prairie MN for your wedding, call Luminous Looks today.


Full Face Makeup Application


When it comes time to start your makeup, you’ll receive a full face of makeup based on what you and your bridal makeup artist in Eden Prairie MN discussed during the trial run. Luminous Looks will make sure that your wedding makeup is camera ready but also looks flawless in person. If you have any issues with what is happening during your full face makeup application on your wedding day, you can feel comfortable expressing your concerns so that what’s bothering you can be fixed or redone.


False Lash Application (Optional)


After your makeup is mostly completed, false lashes will be applied. You can opt out of false lashes if you don’t feel comfortable with them or if you’re a crier. The lash adhesive can come loose if you are really experiencing the waterworks, so make sure you have talked with Luminous Looks beforehand, during your trial run or before, if false lashes aren’t for you. Your wedding makeup artist in Eden Prairie MN may have better options for you or know how to make your eyes pop without falsies.


Receive a Touch-Up Kit


Once your makeup is fully complete and you’re ready to walk down the aisle, Luminous Looks provides you with a touch-up kit. Your big day will be full of eating, dancing, talking, moving around, and more, so being able to reapply lipstick, mascara, touch up foundation, and more will be important. Your kit should be easy to access and you can have one of your bridesmaids or maid of honor keep it on-hand for you. With your touch-up kit and bridal makeup in Eden Prairie MN, you should be feeling like a princess all day on your wedding day.


If you’re interested in our professional makeup services in Edina MN, feel free to contact Lynne Kuhn at Luminous Looks today. 

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Luminous Looks by Lynne

If you’re interested in getting your bridal makeup done by a professional, click here to contact Lynne Kuhn at Luminous Looks, your local makeup artist in Edina MN. You can call me at 651.235.1305, or send me an email at

Makeup Artists in Eden Prairie MN

Makeup Artists in Eden Prairie MN

Makeup Artists in Eden Prairie MN

Makeup Artists in Eden Prairie MN

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