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3 Wedding Makeup FAQs





Getting married? Congratulations! This is a wonderful time in your life that should be celebrated and remembered for years to come. Wedding planning can get overwhelming sometimes, and it often comes with countless questions. Your bridal makeup is a major part of your wedding day; here are 3 frequently asked questions regarding wedding makeup:

Is Professional Wedding Makeup Really Needed?

Getting your wedding makeup done by a professional makeup artist is truly a very important part of the wedding day as well as the memories you’ll cherish forever. Hiring a makeup artist ensures that your makeup looks professional. Having makeup that looks good makes you feel good, and confidence is a key part of your wedding day. It brings out your natural beauty and helps ensure you look stunningly beautiful in photographs and in person when talking to your partner and guests. Investing in wedding makeup is investing in your wedding day and investing in yourself.

How Do I Choose a Makeup Artist?

Choosing the right makeup artist can be a tough task, so it’s important to do your research. Hiring a makeup artist that has years of experience is a good idea because you have the assurance that many other women have utilized the makeup application services. It’s also important that your makeup artist asks you questions and be open to communication about your desired aesthetic to help ensure you end up with the exact look you want. Your local makeup artist in Stillwater MN, Lynne Kuhn, has over 30 years of experience with bridal makeup in Stillwater MN. Lynne also includes a makeup consultation & trial run to ensure you have the ultimate makeup aesthetic you want.

What’s Included in Bridal Makeup?

Lynne Kuhn at Luminous Looks offers a bridal makeup package that will have you looking beautiful and feeling confident throughout your entire wedding day. It’s important that you get a makeup consultation and trial run to ensure your makeup is indeed the desired aesthetic you want for your wedding. Lynne Kuhn is proud to offer on-site or in-home makeup application services; this flexibility is important to ensure your day is exactly as you envision it. The bridal makeup package comes with a full face application, false lash application, and a touch-up kit to keep you looking and feeling beautiful throughout the day and night. Lynne also offers bridal party makeup in Stillwater Minnesota so your whole party can be involved!

It’s important that you feel wonderful on your special day, and with professional wedding makeup in Stillwater, you’ll look & feel beautiful. Don’t hesitate to contact Lynne at Luminous Looks to learn more about wedding makeup in Stillwater Minnesota or to book your appointment today!

3 Wedding Makeup FAQs

3 Wedding Makeup FAQs

3 Wedding Makeup FAQs
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