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3 Year-Round Makeup Looks






























Natural beauty never goes out of style, and what’s even better, is everyone has their own unique natural beauty. Makeup artists near Minneapolis have years of experience helping people become more comfortable within their skin. Makeup application doesn’t ever mean that a person isn’t beautiful as they naturally are, but rather it enhances the natural beauty a person will always have. Makeup trends may come and go (and then come back again), but your natural beauty will always be a part of you. Here are 3 classic makeup looks that can bring out your beauty any time of year: Makeup Artist Minneapolis MN

Long, Statement Lashes


Eyelashes are a classic way to enhance your features while still allowing other makeup statements to shine in the spotlight. Long lashes accentuate the color and shape of your eyes, making them the perfect addition for a night on the town. False lash application near Minneapolis is a great way to ensure your lashes will last, whether you’re needing wedding makeup services or having a night on the town. The beauty of false lashes is that they can enhance your beauty without taking over the entire aesthetic, and are a great addition to any makeup trend throughout the year.

Natural-Looking Blush


One of the major things to remember about makeup is that it’s all about the application. Local makeup artists have years of experience in the industry perfecting techniques that accentuate the beauty of any person. One perfectly pleasing way to accentuate natural beauty is by applying natural-looking blush. Blush is an excellent way to create definition without contouring. There are so many shades of blush that might complement different skin tones, and some people find it fun to experiment. When applied to the apples of your cheeks, blush creates a natural-looking and healthy glow. Contact your local makeup artist to schedule an appointment any time of year or to learn more about how you can create professional looks right at home.

Glowing Skin


The dewy and glowing skin look isn’t going away just because the seasons are changing. The natural beauty of glowing skin is foundational to the entire look. Moreover, glowing skin itself can make a statement without even needing bold makeup. Natural-looking skin is beautiful and timeless, and skincare is always important. However, we don’t all have naturally flawless skin, and that is totally fine. Don’t let celebrities on Instagram fool you--there are ways to get natural-looking, dewy, glowing skin with various makeup strategies. Your local makeup artist in Minneapolis can help you achieve this timeless look, whether you’re needing bridal makeup, if you’re going to a party, or if you’re interested in learning about strategies you can implement at home with makeup lessons.


Lynne Kuhn, your local makeup artist near Minneapolis, has more than 30 decades of experience helping people grow in confidence and find a stunning makeup look that works for any individual. We can help you discover a look for any occasion, any time of year. Contact us at Luminous Looks to set up an appointment today!

Makeup Artist Minneapolis MN

Makeup Artist Minneapolis MN

Makeup Artist Minneapolis MN

Makeup Artist Minneapolis MN
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