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Winter Makeup Tips (Part 3)























It’s exciting to have a reason to look nice in the winter, when you’re not getting outside as much. You could take some of the extra time at home to really perfect your daily makeup routine and look, which can help you feel more comfortable and confident. Here are some makeup tips to try this winter: makeup artist near me Minnetonka MN


Avoid Clashing Colors 


One important makeup tip is to avoid clashing the colors on your face. Even if you are going for a bold look, clashing colors rarely accentuates your face and instead can draw attention to it in the wrong way. So, stray away from using a blue eyeshadow with a red lip. Instead, focus on more muted colors that can be easily paired together, often from the same makeup palette. This year in particular, monochromatic makeup looks are coming into the spotlight. Besides having an easier way to look put together and professional, monochromatic looks mean that you’ll only need to invest in one or two basic palettes for the season. 


Focus On Your Brows


Another trend that continues to grow in popularity is bold and filled-in eyebrows. Women’s brows have traditionally taken a thin, arched shape - we still see this shape today, but with thicker and fuller hair. This type of brow can help accentuate your eyes, and provides a bold look for your face that might mean you can skip out on other makeup around your face. For help designing an eyebrow shape that brings out the best features of your face, reach out to your makeup artists in Minnetonka MN


Hire A Professional


Lastly, the best way to design a daily makeup routine that looks and feels good is to hire a professional Minnetonka makeup artist for help. A professional tends to have years of experience, so would be able to best help you create a look that accentuates your best features. They can also help create a look at your price point, so you won’t be overspending on your everyday look. While cheaper products are generally more popular, you want to make sure that you are getting cheaper, high quality products that will last longer and make you look better.


For help designing a makeup look that will look the best on your face, contact Lynne, your local makeup artist at Luminous Looks today. 

Makeup Artist Near Me Minnetonka MN

Wedding Makeup Minnetonka MN | Luminous Looks

If you’re interested in getting your bridal makeup done by a professional, click here to contact Lynne Kuhn at Luminous Looks, your local makeup artist in Minnetonka Minnesota. You can call me at 651.235.1305, or send me an email at

Makeup artist near me Minnetonka MN

Makeup artist near me Minnetonka MN

makeup artist near me Minnetonka
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