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Winter 2021 Makeup Trends (Part 2)


























Winter is here, and along with some great new makeup trends! Winter is the time of year that generally ushers in the new makeup styles for the year, and many people look forward to finding out new ways to brighten up–and warm up–their makeup looks in winter. Here are some of the big makeup trends that are popular this winter to consider incorporating into your winter makeup regimen: Makeup Artist Near Woodbury


Smokey Eye


One makeup trend that’s been making a comeback lately is the smokey eye look. However, colorful smokey eye and metallic smokey eye have been the most popular choices. The smokey eye makeup style is a great way to accentuate your eyes and to add a sense of allure and confidence to your makeup look. 


Embellished Eyes


Shimmer, shine, and sparkle are big trends this winter in the world of makeup, which may explain why the use of eye embellishments has become incredibly common as of late. From glitter to shine to disco jewels, sparkles, and other eye-catching pieces, bedazzled and embellished eyes are the way to go this winter. Embellished eyes add a little extra something to your look, and are also beautifully creative. 


Glossy Lips


In a similar vein, the trend towards shiny/vibrant skin and lips is also charging ahead full speed this winter. Many people have been adding a little shine and gloss to both their skin and lips this winter, and this trend is only projected to continue into the New Year. If lipstick isn’t your thing, or you’re sick of wearing lipstick all the time, then you should consider incorporating a touch of lipgloss into your makeup routine this winter. It’s a simple and quick way to add some glamor to your winter makeup look, and will also add some warmth to your appearance this winter as well.

Makeup Artist Near Woodbury

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Makeup Artist Near Woodbury

Makeup Artist Near Woodbury

Makeup Artist Near Woodbury
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