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Autumn Makeup Inspiration






















As the seasons change, it’s fun to spice up your aesthetics with fresh and fun makeup looks. When the leaves start falling and the air gets a little more crisp it means that autumn is near. It also means that there are gorgeous autumn-inspired makeup styles that can rejuvenate your look from one season to the next. Here are 3 ways your local makeup artist can incorporate autumn in your aesthetic: Makeup Artist St Paul MN

Candy Apple Red Lips


Bold lipstick is back! There are so many stunning colors to choose from, and depending on the color palate you’re working with, can completely enhance your lips and face with just the right pop of color. This autumn, candy apple red is a bold, stunning, and attention-getting color that makes a sweet statement. Pair with neutral or complimentary colors such as beige, tan, gray, white, brown, blue, and similar colors. Your local makeup artist can help you create a look that coincides with your vision, that will help accentuate your features and give you a boost of well-deserved confidence!

A Broadened Color Palette 


Autumn is a season bursting with color, so why not apply that to your color palette? There are so many ways makeup artists near St Paul can incorporate new and exciting colors into your makeup routine. Colored mascara is trending right now, and it gives a makeup look an extra “wow” factor. Unexpected eyeliner color is also a great way to brighten up your eyes and your entire makeup look, and there are so many colors and ways to style it that you’ll never feel restricted to one look. Bold eyeshadow is another fun way to incorporate unexpected color into your aesthetic. While you can incorporate any color into your makeup look, it’s important to incorporate the colors and styles that make you feel confident and beautiful.

Bold Eyeliner


Eyeliner is incredibly versatile and can be used in so many different ways. This autumn, consider adding a pop of color by incorporating colored eyeliner into your routine. It’s a playful way to spice up your look and find colorful inspiration from the season. You might also consider going with the bold and classic cat-eye, or the more recent trend of “kitten eye,” with a smaller yet still prominent wing. If you’re wanting a more natural look, eyeliner can be great to subtly enhance your eyes without taking attention away from your natural beauty. Whatever look you choose, your local makeup artist in St Paul can help you perfect your eyeliner aesthetic.


Autumn is a great time to up your makeup game and to contact your local makeup artist for makeup application near St Paul MN. Whether you’re attending a wedding (or you need wedding makeup services), other special occasions, or just celebrating a night on the town, contact Lynne Kuhn to do your makeup. It’s a great way to boost your confidence during the fall season. Contact Luminous Looks today for makeup application services or makeup lessons near St Paul MN.

Makeup Artists St Paul MN

Makeup Artists St Paul MN

Makeup Artists St Paul MN

Makeup Artists St Paul MN
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