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Bright, vibrant eyeshadow colors have grown in popularity over the last few years. However, with so many options for eyeshadow it can be hard to choose one that works well for your face. Different eyeshadows look better with certain colors of eyes, and facial shapes. Here are some eyeshadow tips for your eye color: makeup artists near me Minnetonka MN


Blue Eyes


Since blue eyes are so bright and colorful already, they tend to look the best with neutral and light tones. Instead of using a dark, smokey look to accentuate blue eyes, try using softer, muted tones like light brown or pink. Gold can also look great with blue eyes, which is an eyeshadow trend this season. For an added natural glow, try adding a bit of sparkle to your neural tones this winter. 


Green Eyes


Green eyes are also naturally bright. Most Minnetonka makeup artists also recommend more muted colors to compliment this eye color. Softer purple or blue colors, and all sorts of brown, really help green eyes stand out. You can also choose a shimmery option to help your eyes naturally stand out this winter season. For a night out, try using a shimmery purple color. During the day, a light brown creates an attractive everyday look. 


Brown Eyes


Since brown eyes do not add as much color to your face on their own, you can really experiment with eyeshadow colors as almost anything looks good. Neutral shades like lighter pink and shimmery gold accentuate this type of eye. For lighter brown eyes, dark brown and black shadow can create a bold, smokey look. On the other hand, darker brown eyes tend to look nice with colors richer in pigment. Shades like violet, sparkly silver and all shades of brown can really make this type of eye pop. Darker eyes can also be accentuated with black liner in the waterline, which provides definition for your eyes.


Hazel Eyes


Hazel eyes tend to look good with metallic and pastel colors, as opposed to dark, smokey shadows. Dark colors tend to make hazel eyes look more like brown eyes, whereas lighter metallics or pastels can intensify flecks of green and gold in this type of eye, helping them sparkle. Your Minnetonka makeup artist might recommend that you try a brown and gold palette, with other bold accentuating colors as well. 


To learn more about the kinds of colors that might work well with your eyes and bolder colors you could use on a night out, contact Lynne at Luminous Looks

Makeup artists near me Minnetonka MN

Makeup Artists Minnetonka MN | Luminous Looks

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Makeup artists near me Minnetonka MN

Makeup artists near me Minnetonka MN

Makeup artists near me Minnetonka MN

makeup artists near me Minnetonka MN
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