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Winter Makeup Trends (Part 2)
























Even though we’re staying inside a bit more than usual this winter, there are still reasons to look nice. Investing in a daily makeup look that accentuates your best features can help you feel more comfortable and confident in your day-to-day life. This winter, think about altering your daily makeup routine to include some winter trends that we are loving this year. Here are some makeup trends to try: makeup artists near me Stillwater MN


Statement Eyeliner


This year, people are trying out different styles of eyeliner. In the last few years, cat eyeliner alongside dark eyeshadow has come into the spotlight as a great way to create a smoky look around your eyes and to accentuate lighter eye colors. This year, your Stillwater makeup artist might recommend something else. For a dramatic look, try a sharp and extended line that does not continue all the way to the inner corner of your eye. Or, move your eyeliner away from your waterline completely and create a line closer to your brow. Paired with a fun colored eyeshadow, this look helps color stand out, and can create a unique look with your face. 


Red Lipstick


Although bold, dark eyes may not be in this year, bold lips certainly are. Red lipstick tends to come into style in the winter months, and this year is no different. Another trend that we’re feeling this winter is monochromatic colors. When you’re going for a red lip, try dabbing a bit of the color onto your cheeks as well. This can help your face look put together all winter long. This year, the darker the shade of red, the better. Your makeup artists in Stillwater MN can help you choose that perfect shade of red to pair with the other features on your face.


60s Inspired Colors 


Matte or metallic eyeshadows and disco colors are all becoming popular this year. Dramatic eyeshadows have been in style for a number of years now, but this year, people are loving the bold look that a shiny purple or blue eyeshadow can bring. Matte shadows would be a great way to complete a monochromatic look, with a warm cheek and lip color. Metallic and vibrant colors on your eyes bring a bold look to your eyes that might make it easy for you to drop bold colors elsewhere on your face, such as on your lips. 


To learn more about how the 60’s are making a reappearance this year or other makeup trends to try this season, check out part 1 of the winter makeup trends blog. You can also schedule an appointment to find an everyday makeup look with Lynne at Luminous Looks today. 

Makeup Artists Near Me Stillwater MN

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Makeup artists near me Stillwater MN

Makeup artists near me Stillwater MN

Makeup artists near me Stillwater MN

makeup artists near me Stillwater MN
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