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Winter 2021 Makeup Trends (Part 1)


























Winter has finally arrived, which means that the newest makeup trends have also changed along with the season. If you’re looking for some cool and beautiful makeup styles to try out this winter, then there are many new winter makeup trends that will help to warm up your look this winter. Here are some of the big winter makeup trends to consider incorporating into your makeup routine: Makeup Artists Near Minnetonka Minnesota


Metallic Eye Makeup


One of the biggest makeup trends to consider trying out this winter is metallic eyes. Metallic eyeshadow and eye makeup helps to add some color and vibrancy to your look. Moreover, the shimmer and sparkle from metallic eyes is the perfect winter look for any occasion. The vibrant colors and beautifying shine will help to add a little sparkle to your winter look. 


Matte Lips


Another popular makeup trend this winter is matte skin and matte lips. The 90s have been making a comeback recently with regards to makeup, and matte makeup is a trend that is projected to stay for a while. Nothing says winter more than cranberry, plum, and other beautifully bold matte lip shades. It’s the perfect touch to complete any makeup look this winter. 


Heavy Eyeliner


Lastly, there has also been a revival of the classic grunge/rockstar look that entails bold and heavy eyeliner. Heavy eyeliner, paired with the right makeup look and clothes, can make one look bold and fierce, but also elegant, refined, and even regal at the same time. Thick eyeliner can frame your eyes and make them stand out, accentuating your natural beauty while also giving you a look that stands out. 

Makeup Artists Near Minnetonka Minnesota

For help with doing your makeup, or if you’re looking to have your makeup done professionally for a special occasion, don’t hesitate to contact Lynne Kuhn, the best makeup artist in Minnetonka MN, at Luminous Looks, today.

Makeup Artists Near Minnetonka Minnesota

Makeup Artists Near Minnetonka Minnesota

Makeup Artists Near Minnetonka Minnesota
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