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Autumn Events To Hire A Makeup Artist (Part 2)






























Many people in Minnesota are getting excited about autumn. The colors are beautiful, the weather is crisp, and there are often events to be excited for. Several people have events scheduled this fall, and it’s important that you look and feel great when you’re out. Part 1 of this blog series noted that engagement photos, a formal event, and a solo photoshoot are all excellent reasons to hire a makeup artist for professional makeup services. Here are 3 more events where individuals benefit from makeup application services: Makeup Artists St Paul MN

Family Photo Session


Fall is a perfect time to capture the love and magic of a family. Photos are wonderful ways to remember a time within your life. Every person should feel confident behind a camera, but unfortunately that just isn’t always the case. It’s always unfortunate when a person isn’t happy with their appearance in photos. Makeup is a powerful tool that can help people feel more confident while still showing off what makes them naturally beautiful. Whether you want natural-looking makeup or are going for more of a bold makeup look, makeup application services are a great way to enhance your features to help ensure your photos are frame-worthy. 

Senior Pictures 


Senior photos are a great way to display a major milestone in life. Fall is a very popular time for seniors to have their senior photoshoots, and for good reason. In Minnesota, the leaves change to beautiful colors that provide an ideal backdrop for senior photoshoots. Senior photos will be mementos for a lifetime, and it’s important to feel confident and happy behind the camera. 

When you capture the moment, you capture emotion. Hiring a makeup artist for a senior photoshoot is a great way to help ensure confidence behind the camera and fosters natural beauty both inside and out.

Wedding Makeup


Getting professional wedding makeup is a great way to look and feel beautiful all night long. For brides and bridal parties, getting your makeup done professionally is an irreplaceable and memorable part of the wedding day. Bridal makeup helps ensure you look and feel gorgeous while enhancing the features that naturally make you beautiful. Every bride should feel beautiful on her wedding day, and professional wedding makeup helps ensure that feeling. Makeup application can also be a great service for other partygoers who want to look and feel beautiful while dancing the night away. Fall weddings are quickly approaching, so contact your local makeup artist to schedule an appointment today.


There are so many great reasons to hire a makeup artist near St Paul, including a family photoshoot, senior pictures, and wedding makeup. If you or someone you know needs makeup application services for an event this fall, contact Lynne at Luminous Looks. With over 30 years of experience, Lynne Kuhn can help you find a look you’ll love!

Makeup Artists St Paul MN

Makeup Artists St Paul MN

Makeup Artists St Paul MN

Makeup Artists St Paul MN
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