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Steps For Applying Your Makeup



























Do you want to apply your makeup like a professional makeup artist does? The order in which you do your makeup application is extremely important. Here is some information on why the order or process matters, as well as some tips on which order you should be applying your makeup: Minnetonka MN Makeup Artist


Why The Order & Process Matters


The order that you apply your makeup is extremely important because it has an impact on your overall look. Making sure that you take the time to prep your skin beforehand and that you are applying your makeup in methodical and deliberate steps can make all the difference, and is often one of the major differences between a professional makeup application and a makeup application done by a non-professional. For people who are wanting their makeup to look beautiful and flawless, the order is absolutely essential. 


Makeup Application Steps


To apply your makeup like a pro, it’s important to follow the proper process and steps so that your makeup will look smooth, natural, and will last a long time without needing to be constantly touched up. Here are the steps to follow when applying your own makeup:


  • Start with a primer. 

  • Apply foundation and concealer. 

  • Use a finishing or setting powder.

  • Use highlight or contour if you would like.

  • Apply a bronzer or blush.

  • Do your eye makeup.

  • End by applying your lip products. 


To learn more about the makeup application process, don’t hesitate to contact your local makeup artist at Luminous Looks today. 


If you’re looking to get your makeup done by a professional, then feel free to contact Lynne Kuhn, your local makeup artist in Minnetonka MN, at Luminous Looks today.

Minnetonka MN Makeup Artist

Makeup Artists Minnetonka MN | Luminous Looks

If you’re interested in getting your bridal makeup done by a professional, click here to contact Lynne Kuhn at Luminous Looks, your local makeup artist in Minnetonka Minnesota. You can call me at 651.235.1305, or send me an email at

Minnetonka MN Makeup Artist

Minnetonka MN Makeup Artist

Minnetonka MN Makeup Artist

Minnetonka MN Makeup Artist
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