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How Much Does Wedding Makeup Cost?

| Wedding Makeup in Stillwater MN

Wedding Makeup in Stillwater MN

Are you planning to get married soon? Weddings can be stressful enough as it is without having to worry about the little things, like how you’re going to do your hair and makeup, which is why so many brides tend to hire a professional makeup artist do your wedding makeup in Stillwater MN to do their makeup for them. It’s also a good idea to let a professional artist take care of your bridal makeup for you because it will also guarantee that you look beautiful and can show off the best you on your special day. Here is some information on how much wedding makeup services typically cost and what all those services can entail:


How Much Do Wedding Day Makeup Services Typically Cost?


One thing that many brides wonder when looking for a professional makeup artist to do their makeup for them on their wedding day is: how much does it actually cost? While the prices vary depending on the artist, the cost for professional makeup services typically falls within the range of $150 and $600, with the average cost for bridal makeup services being around $300. At Luminous Looks, we charge only $250 for complete bridal makeup services in Stillwater MN. If you’re interested in hiring a professional to do your makeup on your special day, then contact Lynne Kuhn at Luminous Looks, the best wedding makeup artist in Stillwater MN, today. 


What All Do Bridal Makeup Services Entail?


Another thing that many brides wonder when deciding who to hire to do their wedding makeup is what all the wedding makeup services entail. Depending on the artist (and the amount you pay for makeup services), the services may be more minimal or more elaborate. At Luminous Looks by Lynne Kuhn, we offer the following services with our bridal makeup package: a makeup consultation and trial run before the wedding date, on-site or in-home makeup services, full-face makeup application, false lash application, and a touch-up makeup kit that can be used throughout the day. If you’d like to learn more about our bridal makeup services, then feel free to contact Lynne Kuhn, one of the best makeup artists in Stillwater MN

Makeup Artist in Stillwater MN |

Luminous Looks by Lynne

If you’re interested in getting your bridal makeup done by a professional, click here to contact Lynne Kuhn at Luminous Looks, your local makeup artist in Stillwater MN. You can call me at 651.235.1305, or send me an email at

Wedding Makeup in Stillwater MN

Wedding Makeup in Stillwater MN

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