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Why a Makeup Artist Should Do Your Bridal Makeup



























Hiring a makeup artist to do your wedding makeup is a great idea for several reasons. Part 1 of this blog series noted that your local makeup artist has the right skills, experience, and that professionally-applied makeup will help boost your confidence on your special day. Here are 3 more reasons why it’s a good idea to hire your local makeup artist in St Paul MN:

Picture Perfect

You’re going to be posing for pictures for hours and hours, so you want to make sure that your makeup looks good. By having a professional apply it, you can relax knowing that it will stay put throughout the day. It’s important to feel good about your makeup, as photos last forever! And if there is any touch-up needed after your wedding (which is common), you’re provided with a touch-up kit to make any touch-ups as necessary. A photo shoot is not something that gets taken lightly at our studio! Our goal is always about creating a beautiful look for our clients' so photos are frame-worthy, whether it be during your photoshoot or photos with guests throughout the evening. 

Feel Special on Your Special Day

You have the opportunity to spend time with your makeup artist before your wedding, and they can help you pick a look that works well with the dress and venue. You can also get a feel for their personality so that you feel comfortable on your big day! Getting your makeup professionally done on your wedding day is an unforgettable experience and a great way to pamper yourself during a busy time. Moreover, bridal party makeup packages are available to include your closest gals during a very special time!

Professionally Applied Makeup Lasts

The products a makeup artist uses and their application techniques can help your makeup last. A professional knows how to work with your skin and what type of foundation, blush color, or lipstick shade will look best on you—so they'll be able to create a look that's right for you instead of having to guess or use generic colors for everyone. The artist will also have the best tools needed for blending. They'll know how to use powder correctly so that it doesn't cake up in one area while being light in another; using the right tools helps ensure an even application of product across the entire face (and prevents the dreaded "powder patch"). There are also special finishing steps like setting with loose powder that can keep shine at bay all day long; if you don't know how much or in which areas this step should be done—or if there are other tips like avoiding rubbing after applying mascara—you should let your makeup artist take care of the application so your hard work stays put until you're ready to take off your dress!

Getting your makeup professionally done is a great way to make your day more special and to help ensure you look and feel wonderful throughout the entire day and night. Lynne Kuhn at Luminous Looks has over 30 years of experience as your local makeup artist; contact Lynne to learn more and to book your bridal makeup in St Paul MN today!

Wedding Makeup St Paul MN

Wedding Makeup St Paul MN

Wedding Makeup St Paul MN

Wedding Makeup St Paul MN
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